The BRADD has been developing a regional Geographic Information System (GIS) for about 8 years.

ADD_GIS A GIS is defined as a computer-based system for the storage, management, analysis and display of geographic data and related information which allows a wide variety of data to be integrated and combined based on spatial relationships. This powerful tool can be used in applications such as long term plans and decision-making processes.

 Our primary goal is to build and maintain an extensive, reliable and useful geographic database for the BRADD area in digital format. Information on digital data files will be made available via Internet to any federal, state, district offices, regional planning councils, local governments, universities and other public or private organizations interested in acquiring GIS data.

The BRADD is also member of the Barren River Global Positioning System Consortium, a cooperative venture among various agencies and organizations for the procurement and application of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Other members include Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Kentucky Geological Survey, Western Kentucky University, Barrens Information Technology System, Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, Warren County Planning Commission and Warren Rural Electric Corporation, Bowling Green Public Works, and the City of Russellville. Each member of the consortium contributed towards the purchase of a GPS Community Base Station (CBS). The CBS is installed at the BRADD offices where satellite position data is collected Monday through Friday.

Data Services

The staff maintains a variety of information on a number of subjects. Types of data include Census data, maps, traffic counts, public facilities, water and sewer rates, tax rates, agricultural information and a variety of other topics that can be utilized by the member governments and public agencies in the region.

 In addition to the data that is produced by State, Federal and other agencies, staff is capable of collecting data for specific projects that are being undertaken by local governments. For these type projects a charge may be applied depending upon the complexity of the request. Staff can produce marketing studies, develop maps, produce housing studies, develop needs identifications and undertake other projects that may be needed.

The BRADD has added some sophisticated technological tools (GIS and GPS) to produce and maintain geographic information. This information can be retrieved and managed in a relatively easy and efficient manner offering an improved capability to produce high quality products.

The BRADD's role is to provide space for the equipment, provide access on line, and staff for the operation and maintenance of the Global Positioning System Trimble Reference Station (TRS). To date, the BRADD has utilized GPS equipment for collecting GIS information for housing projects in Auburn and Park City, and for collecting ground control points for an industrial site map of Franklin in real world coordinates. In addition, GPS is being used by the BRADD for collecting information for the Adairville Shared Geographic Information System (GIS). This GIS will incorporate data from multiple sources, providing quick and accurate archiving, retrieval, updating, analysis and display of the data and its spatial relationships.

The Barren River Area Positioning System Consortium received the 1995 Commissioners Award for Interlocal Cooperation "for their ongoing cooperative efforts to improve the quality of life in the Commonwealth of Kentucky" and a NADO 1995 Innovation Award. Also, the BRADD received a Special Achievement in GIS Award for the massive work performed on Phase I and II of the WRDC Statewide GIS effort.

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