Organizational Structure Staff Positions
Staff Org Chart

Organizational Chart of Boards


Eric Sexton Executive Director Ext 4034

Michelle Hines Deputy Director Ext 4036

Caleb Speck Executive Assistant Ext 4062

Kathy Dismon 

Part Time Receptionist Ext 4280



Amy Carroll Finance Director Ext 4030

Hong Nguyen Assistant Finance Director Ext 4041

Zach Korte

Staff Accountant

Ext 4053

Sharon Woods Aging Contracts Specialist Ext 4305

Deb Yates Administrative Assistant Ext 4096

Erick Roy Network Administrator Ext 4166

Alecia Johnson Associate Director of Aging Ext 4001

Hollie Smith Aging Planner Ext 4021

Cody Moats Program Services Coordinator Ext 4024

Mikayla Patterson ADRC Coordinator Ext 4066

Annette Hill ADRC Assistant Ext 4026

Ashley Pennington Waiver Coordinator Ext 4065


    Ext 4020

Sharon Quinn Lead Waiver Case Manager Ext 4174

Joshua Ritchie Family Caregiver Coordinator/SHIP & MIPPA Counselor Ext 4086



Susan Ezell


Lead Case Manager

Ext 4073

Sharon Cassetty Aging Services Assessor Ext 4045
Rebekah Edwards Case Manager Ext 4075

Chelsea Ennis Case Manager Ext 4035

Rose Florea Case Manger Ext 4285

Kara Hunter Assessor/Case Manager Ext 4236

Christian Stanley Case Manager Ext 4032

Makayla Maxey Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4006

Mike Brown Case Manager/ PDS Service Advisor Ext  4152

Marie Green Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4293
Alexis Hayes Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4157 

Kevin Nguyen Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4038

Kimberly Proctor Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4282

Fayth Rose Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4240

Jenna Simmons Waiver Case Manager Ext 4091 
Emma Steen Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4151

Alpha Taylor Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4018

Katie White Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4063

Katelyn Miller Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 4022

Megan Gonzales Social Services Assistant Ext 4027

Jill Hall Social Service Assistant Ext 4067
Jules Somers MIPPA Assistant Ext 4305
    ADRC Assistant Ext 4105
  Community & Economic Development Services

Emily Hathcock Associate Director of Planning and Development Ext 4102

Haley Penrod Public Admininstration/Planning & Development Specialist Ext 4248 

Dajana Crockett Disaster Resiliency Coordinator Ext 4061

 Morgan Hershey Community Development Specialist Ext 4049

Matt Pedigo Community Development Specialist Ext 4254

Kim Morrow GIS Manager Ext 4263
Chelsea Carroll GIS Technician Ext 4286

Austin Sims Regional Transportation Planner Ext 4064
Allison Bailey Administrative Assistant Ext 4150