The Adult Day Care/Alzheimer's Respite Program is a community based group program designed to provide a variety of social and related supportive services for older persons and Alzheimer's individuals through individualized plans of care in a protective setting. The program is designed to solve some of the difficulties of daily living without removing persons from the mainstream of community life.

To be eligible, participants shall be able to respond and share in program activities without creating health and safety risks to self and others.

  • 60+ years of age
  • Be physically disabled or frail as a result of a medical condition or age and in need of supervision or assistance during part of the day
  • Be mentally confused and in need of supervision to prevent injury, assure proper nutrition, and in need of supervision during part of the day
  • Benefit from individualized attention and social structure due to emotional or social needs
  • Be of any age with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or related dementing disease, as confirmed by a written statement from a physician.


For assistance call the Aging and Disability Resource Center at 270-782-9223 or 1-800-395-7654.

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