BRADD_Counties_copyThe Barren River Area Development District is one of fifteen ADDs in Kentucky that comprise a statewide network of multi-county planning and development organizations. BRADD local governments provided technical assistance, training programs and publications covering a wide range of applicable subjects including financial management, personnel management, general government operations, legal issues, recreation planning, criminal justice planning, legislative services and technical newsletters through the Public Administration Specialist.  Unlike many other organizations structured along multi-jurisdictional lines, the ADDs have both federal and state statutory authority (KRS 147A). Throughout this web page, the specific services of the BRADD are detailed. A general summary of some of these services are as follows:


Financial Management

  • Outlining municipal budgeting procedures and requirements
  • Assisting with the formulation of budget ordinances and budget amendments
  • Providing information and assistance with property tax calculations (HB44)
  • Promotion of improved cash management and investment policies
  • Assisting with requirements of all state revenue sharing programs (road aid, etc)
  • Assisting local governments in developing purchasing procedures
  • Assuring accounting and auditing requirements are met

Personnel Management

  • Provide job specifications, position descriptions, and personnel policies
  • Complete salary grades, budget studies, and pay plans for local governments
  • Advise local governments on all fringe benefits: health, life, retirement, sick, etc.
  • Provide personnel studies, workforce analysis, affirmative action planning
  • Technical assistance in all aspects of ADA/handicapped compliance issues

General Government Operations

  • Preparation of ordinances for local governments
  • Management assistance to utility operations
  • Assistance In Planning & Zoning laws and development of local documents

Management Technical Assistance

  • Assist in drafting contracts for professional services (RFP’s, RFQ’s)
  • Assist local governments in requesting legal opinions from Attorney General’s Office
  • Research/provide Kentucky Revised Statues at request of local officials
  • Liaison with Western Kentucky University Center for Local Government

Recreation Planning

  • Technical assistance on design specifications for recreation projects
  • Complete long range recreation plans upon request

Criminal Justice Planning

  • Assist local governments and their criminal justice agencies in developing programs by distributing requests for proposals, program guidelines, policies and procedures, applications and other program material provided
  • Provide resources and provide planning for the improvement and regionalization of criminal justice activities including: crime and drug enforcement, prosecution and adjudication, alcohol and drug education, treatment, correctional programs, and victim and juvenile services

Legislative Assistance

  • BRADD staff and interns track new bills, respond to requests for copies of bills, research and analyze bills and resolutions and make reports to all local officials

Regional Ethics Program

  • The BRADD established a regional assistance program for local governments faced with complying with the ethics legislation passed by the General Assembly. To meet the requirement that each local government obtain financial disclosure information on office holders and candidates and establish an enforcement process for the terms of their ethics standards, the BRADD established a Regional Ethics Board with the Records Administrator to assist.
  • Eight of the counties and twenty-one of the cities in the BRADD participate in the program.
  • The Regional Ethics Board includes one representative from each of the ten counties, with a former judge as a chairman. The Board reviews complaints and has authority to act on complaints, including the assessment of penalties.