• Every AAA is required to have an advisory council to advise and review the implementation of programs and services for the community’s  elderly citizens.
  • The Barren River Aging Advisory Council is a voluntary group of citizens who provide information, guidance, advice, and support to the Barren Area Agency on Aging to plan, develop, coordinate, and administer services to older persons.  They also serve as a critical link between the AAA and the local elderly community.
  • The council is made up of representatives of older persons, local elected officials, and the general public.  At least half (50%) of the members are older persons.  The council must include older persons with the greatest economic or social need, together with consumers of services funded by the Older American’s Act.  A geographic mix of members represents the council.  Each county is allowed a certain number of participants based on their 60+ populations.
  • The duties of the Aging Advisory Council members is to advise the Area Agency on Aging on several issues that include, but not limited to the following: assessing the needs of the older person in the 10 county area; reviewing and commenting on all community policies, programs and actions which affect older persons; representing the special interests of older persons; conducting public hearings; and developing and administering the Area Aging Plan.
  • Additional responsibilities assumed by the Aging Advisory Council include advising on fiscal matters and budgetary reviews; reviewing and commenting on proposals submitted for funding; assisting in developing strategies for reaching the isolated elderly; assisting in monitoring and evaluating service providers and service delivery; fostering communication among the State, Area Agency on Aging and the communities; testifying or making presentations at local and state legislative hearings or meetings;  informing the older persons of the services available and where to call;  and assisting in recruiting and training volunteers.
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