Organizational Structure Staff Positions
Staff Org Chart
Organizational Chart of Boards
Eric Sexton Executive Director Ext 128
Caleb Speck Executive Assistant Ext 126
Kathy Dismon Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Ext 0
Amy Carroll Finance Director Ext 132
Hong Nguyen Assistant Finance Director Ext 133
Suzanne Allison

CDO Fiscal Manager

Ext 236
Holley Scott CDO Finance Assistant Ext 135
Christine Hightower CDO Finance Assistant Ext 129
Deb Yates Administrative Assistant Ext 134
Erick Roy Network Administrator Ext 114
Michelle Hines

Director of Aging & Independent Living

Ext 156
Alecia Johnson Assistant Aging Director Ext 158
Cody Moats Program Services Coordinator Ext 139
Emily Phillips ADRC Coordinator Ext 153
Annette Hill ADRC Assistant Ext 154
Ashley Pennington Waiver Coordinator Ext 163
Tamara Prather Family Caregiver Coordinator Ext 147
Joshua Ritchie Case Manager/SHIP & MIPPA Counselor Ext 148
Jannah Lee PCAP Coordinator/Case Manager/Service Advisor Ext 165
Susan Ezell


Lead Case Manager

Ext 145
Sharon Cassetty Case Manager Ext 151
Autumn Estes Case Manager Ext 139
Chelsey Guffy Case Manager Ext 146
Kara Hunter Case Manager Ext 143
Mike Brown Case Manager/ PDS Service Advisor Ext  169
Brooke Edwards Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 162
Marie Green Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 160
Alpha Taylor Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 157
Tonya Harrell Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 168
Sharon Quinn Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 164
  Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 168
Alexandria Velez Case Manager/PDS Service Advisor Ext 166
Megan Gonzales Social Services Assistant Ext 159
Pam Goodbar Social Service Assistant Ext 141
  Community & Economic Development Services
Emily Hathcock Associate Director of Planning and Development Ext 120
Dajana Crockett Public Admininstration/Planning & Development Specialist Ext 124
Katie Ford

Grants Coordinator

Ext 123
Thomas Grubbs Infrastructure Management Planner Ext 117
Kim Morrow GIS Manager Ext 218
  Regional Transportation Planner Ext 121